March Favorites

March Favs

Lets dive right into my March favorites!


Nivea Men After Shave Balm

love this product as primer. I have noticed a significant difference in the longevity of my make up while using this product. My tip for using this “primer”  affectively is to rub it in until it gets tacky. Once tacky, you are ready to apply your makeup.


Mac Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT!!!! This exfoliator is a must have in anyones skin care collection. This exfoliator unclogs pores and provides moisture to the skin. The natural volcanic ash and fine sugar crystals really exfoliate the skin. Tips and tricks for this product: I like to apply this product while I’m in the shower. I apply a small amount to the skin and rub until it begins to foam.  Once I feel it’s done its job I rise the product off. 


My Netflix Binge 

90210 was my March Netflix binge. I just finished the series last week, and I have no idea what I will do without the California based series. The show follows a girl who moved to Beverly Hills and is thrown into a world of money, drama, and secrets. I won’t name any names… but I even dragged a couple of my guy friends into watching it. Warning.. the show will send you on an emotional rollercoaster but it’s all worth it in the end.


Lace Bras/Bralets 

Summer is finally approaching and it’s time to bring on the tank tops! I love to wear a lace bra or bralet underneath my tank top to add some style. My favorite lace bras are from Top Shop. If you have the body for it,  you can even sport the bralet by itself and pair it with some high waisted jeans.


Wine Cellar Scented Candle

Okay so I know this isn’t really a spring scent, but I love this candle. It smells just like a red wine. This candle burns really well and will fill any home with a peaceful red fruity smell. I know candles can get expensive but Bath and Body Works is always having a candle sale that I highly recommend everyone to check out.

These are just a few products I was loving this month. Id love to hear about your March favorites in the comments bellow!


Fifty Shades of Gray


Home decore ideas

Almost everyone has an idea of what their dream home will look like. When it comes to my dream home, I’m feeling a little gray. 


The natural neutrals bring a calm and serine feeling to any home or apartment. Now I know what you’re thinking.. can’t an all gray home make for a gloomy and depressing feeling?  Well that depends… paring the light grays with white, silver, or rustic pieces can actually brighten up the home.

Scared to go gray? Try small gray accent pieces.

This gray chinchilla throw blanket from Zgallerie can give you a small hint of gray and create a chic accent on any chair or sofa. My current obsession is with mirrored furniture. This mirrored end table from adds a modern statement piece to any room.


Prices having you about die? Try to DIY!

Now I must admit.. I am not the craftiest person however, with a little practice anyone can achieve this chic gray design.  Start small! Paint decorative frames gray and display them throughout the house. Experienced in DIY? Save money by buying a dresser from a resale store or pawn shop, and add your own mirrored accents. 

For more gray inspirations check out my home and decor board on Pinterest!

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