Little Women ATL

you wont bowlieve this

Hey everyone! So this is the part of my blog where I tell crazy stories about my life. I can’t wait to share my stories and hear some stories from you as well.

Little Women ATL!

Okay I have a confession.. I’m obsessed with Little Women Atlanta on Lifetime. Every Wednesday I go over to my friends’ apartment and watch the sassy women from the ATL. If you’re not familiar with the show let me catch you up. It follows 6 little women turning up in the ATL who deal with relationship and friend drama.

My favorite cheek!

One of the main reasons I watch the show is to see these two best friends called the Cheeks. Bri Barlup “Left Cheek”, and Emily Fernandez “Right Cheek”,  are the two friends who make up this twerking duo. My favorite “cheek” to watch is Bri. Left Cheek and her boyfriend Woode.. Woodah.. Wooda.. honestly I’m not sure how you pronounce it but they make the show funny and are my favorite.

So how is this unbowlievable?

So I went to SXSW 2 weeks ago in Austin, Texas to check out the music and local bars. If you have never been to SXSW just know three things are promised. Music, lines, and people.. everywhere! Sooo many people are packed onto 6th street it’s almost impossible to see anyone you know. Well to my surprise as I’m walking down 6th I see Left Cheek AND Woodah!


They were both super sweet and seemed surprised that I recognized them so quickly. We took a bunch of pictures and I fangirled.. a lot lol. Overall, it was such a fun experience and I can’t believe I saw them there.

Make sure to check out the Cheeks and all the ladies on Little Women Atlanta on Lifetime Wednesday at 10/9c! 


Share some of your unbowlievable stories below.

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